#7 Tomiwa Oyewo



Tomiwa Oyewo is a Nigerian / Irish running back for the Munich Ravens of the European League of Football. „Tommy“ started playing American football at the age of 17-years-old in the youth program for the Kildare Soldiers in Ireland 2017-2018. where he became a 2x youth Champion. Before switching over to offense and playing running back, „Tommy“ started off playing safety in the defensive backs unit.

Professional playing career:

19′ – Kildare Crusaders (Ireland)

22′ – Allgau Comets (Germany)

23′ – Munich Ravens (Germany)

Awards & Accomplishments:

2019 Irish Champion

fun fact:

One thing „Tommy“ says he cant‘ live without before games; My bible verses, I recite them to remind myself who is protecting me and why I do this.“

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant

Favorite Movie: Lion King