#20 Rachid Ali-Tagba


Rachid Ali-Tagba is a German cornerback and running back for the Munich Ravens of the European League of Football. Born in Offenburg Deutschland, „Rash“ started playing American football at the age of 12-years-old for the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns youth program. Throughout his time within the program –  in the same year he won multiple youth championships ending with a total of 6 Southwestern Championships; U15, U16, and U17 (2018), U16 and U17 (2019), and U19 (2022). He also added multiple individual awards such as the Baden Wurttemberg Defensive Most Valuable Player (2018) and the Unicorns Defensive Most Valuable Player for his pass deflections in 2021.

Professional playing career:

23′ – Munich Ravens (Germany)

Awards & Accomplishments:

2022 PPI Dreamchaser Tour Invitee

fun fact:

Rachid is inherently a funny person who can tell a thousand stories. 

Favorite Athletes: Marshawn Lynch, Tyreek Hill, and Mike Tyson

Favorite Meal: Tortellini