#13 Marvin Rutsch



Marvin Rutsch is a German wide receiver and running back for the Munich Ravens of the European League of Football. Born in Minden, Germany Marvin started playing American football at the age of 15-years-old for the Munich Rangers in 2013-2014 where he was selected as Rookie of the Year in 2013. Excellent right way, Marvin was a member of the Bavarian Warriors All-Star team from 2013-2015. He took his talents to the Munich Cowboys in 2015 also picking up the Offensive Most Valuable Player Award in 2015.

Professional playing career:

16′-17′ – Munich Cowboys (Germany)

18′-19′ – Marburg Mercenaries (Germany)

20′ – Frankfurt Universe (Germany)

21′-22′ – Frankfurt Galaxy (Germany)

23′ – Munich Ravens (Germany)

Awards & Accomplishments:

2019 GFL All-Star South, 2021 European League of Football Champion

fun fact:

If Marvin could meet anyone it would be his dad back when he was his age be cause he’s Marvin’s role model. „I would like to see what his approach to life was at the time. Also, I think it would be hilarious to know what shenanigans he was up to at the time.“

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant

Favorite Movie: Interstellar