#6 Jan Hochschild


Jan Hochschild is a German wide receiver for the Munich Ravens of the European League of Football. Jan started playing American football at the age of 15-years-old for the Nuernberg Rams in his hometown of Nuernberg, Germany. Jan was a member of the Bavarian Warriors All-Star team in 2015.

Professional playing career:

16′-18′ – Ingolstadt Dukes (Germany)

19′ – Straubing Spiders (Germany)

21′ – Wasa Royals (Finland)

21′ – Ingolstadt Dukes (Germany)

22′ – Straubing Spiders (Germany)

23′ – Munich Ravens (Germany)

Awards & Accomplishments:

2016 GFL II South Champion, 2021 South Regional Champion

fun fact: 

Jan’s mother takes credit for introducing him to American football by forcing him to play when he didn’t want to.

Favorite Athlete: Julien Edelman 

Favorite Food: Lasagna